Openings in Church

Day/Time: Sunday: 9 – 9:45 am
Frequency: September thru May
Contact: Pastor John, (561) 738-5433

Sunday School for Ages 4 to 10

We all gather in our church Sanctuary for our opening which includes prayer, songs and a skit of the daily lesson. Then we proceed to our classroom in the back of the church to learn more about the daily lesson with our leaflets and crafts. 

Our Lessons are under the theme : JESUS SENDS THE CHURCH

Sept: 18 Jesus Appears in Gallilee, 25 Peter & John Heal a Lame Man

Oct: 2 Peter & Cornelius, 9 Church In Antioch Grows, 16 Peter Escapes Prison, 23 A Man born Lame, 30 The Jerusalem Council

Nov. 6 Lydia is Baptized, 13 Paul Preaches in Athens, 20 Paul’s Ministry & Hardships,27 The Plot to kill Paul.

Dec 4,11,18 we will be practicing for our Christmas Program